Sometimes you don’t need a lot of stuff.  You need the opposite.

In fact, sometimes you want nothing at all.  Just a smooth, perfect background.  So this month, we want to share a collection of images and ideas from our seamless backdrops.  These are perfect for portraits or products.

wooden stool in front of a henna seamless paper backdrop at wv photography studio

We’ve seen seamless backdrops get a lot of action around the studio lately.  Rocho and Co photo hosted a headshot swap at our space and utilized a few different backdrops.

While our white walls and neutral flooring are great, sometimes you want just an all white backdrop, and seamless paper is the perfect solution for this.

We also frequently use a seamless backdrop when working with product.  Both the really really big ones:

And the really small ones:

We can get any commercially available color of seamless you like prior to your rental (if we don’t already have it) as long as you give us two weeks notice.

For photographers and those using seamless for portrait sessions, pricing for most stock seamless colors and sizes is $5 per foot that we cut off at the end of our session (usually around 4 ft).  XL width and custom colors are priced accordingly.

All of our product backdrops are included in the studio rental fee.

If you’re ready to book a session here at the 304 Collective studio, let’s make it happen.  Whether you’re a photographer who needs space for a day, an artisan who needs to make the most of their DIY cellphone pics for an Etsy shop, or a small business owner who will be bringing their own photographer along, we want to help you make it happen!  You do not have to be a member to rent space on an hourly/daily basis.