If you’re looking for the solution to your video production needs, you’re in the right place.

From corporate and commercial video, to promo films for small businesses and creative professionals, even real estate features; the 304 Collective has a video package to connect you to the hearts and minds of your clients.

We know that your marketing plan has the power to take your business to the next level, and video plays a big part in that.  Whether you’re just starting to think about a Brand Film or your first piece of video marketing, or you are looking for the perfect company to produce a series of targeted video campaigns, the 304 Collective is ready to make that happen.

We Meet You Where You Are

Our pre-production process is designed to meet you where you are.  We collaborate with marketing teams, and sit down with small business owners to craft a vision from the ground up. No two companies are the same, and your videos shouldn’t be either.

A Creative Space

IN JUNE OF 2019, we purchased and remodeled a beautiful old building to use as our studio space. In addition to producing videos, we are passionate supporters of the creative community here in NCWV. We see the power that the creative economy has to revitalize our area, and we want to share this space with others who are working hard to make their business dreams come true. We offer long and short term studio rentals and co-working space for creatives and small business owners.

Meet The Team



Studio Manager & Filmmaker

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Filmmaker & Audio Engineer


2306, 2020

Black Owned Businesses in WV | Resources for Small Business + Creatives

WV needs to be a state where Black Lives Matter, where black owned businesses can thrive. Black Business Now is a new digital magazine that focuses on the promotion of entrepreneurs and their businesses. The 304 Collective is happy to support and join in the effort to highlight some of these amazing businesses.

1604, 2020

Community & Creativity Under Quarantine | WV Stay at Home Collaborative Video

Though we are separated by distance, we are united by our commitment to our community and the creative spirit that runs deep here in the Mountain State. To highlight this spirit, we're putting together a collaborative video will focus on themes of community and creativity while under quarantine.

2403, 2020

Lunch & Learn | Free Online Courses

We're moving our most popular Lunch & Learn sessions online, and making them totally free to local WV creatives and small business owners.  If you're looking for productive ways to work on your business while we're all at home, our Lunch and Learn series is the perfect place to start! Each session will be 30 minutes of concentrated information, along with a resource guide and Q&A Session. Session Topics: Social Media, SEO, Blogging for SEO, & Video Marketing