13 08, 2021

Studio Space at the 304 Collective | Fairmont WV Photography Studio and CoWorking

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The 3 ways you can use the studio at the 304 Collective, including a floor plan of the space and details about how me make collaborative space work for many different businesses.

1 07, 2021

NATURE | Vintage Whimsical Photo Set | WV Photography Studio

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The month's photo inspiration set is NATURE.  It's a little bit whimsical, a little bit retro, and inspired by nature at work! We started with our brown midcentury studio flats.  You saw them last month to create a headboard and define a bedroom space in our HOME set.  I've been thinking about painting them, but couldn't settle on just one pattern, and a lot of you mentioned (thank you Instagram polls) that you really love them plain.  So I didn't want to permanently alter them. I decided to use some great vinyl patterns to change them up a bit.  These are technically removable wallpapers, designed for renters, but they are PERFECT for adding just a little something to these flats.  When we want to change [...]