Are you ready for our June inspiration session! This month we transformed our studio into a total HOME!
I’ve worked with Genesy as a model for my wedding brand many times, and had been talking with her about an idea I had for the studio. I ran out of time to make that idea happen (it’s still coming though, so I’m not sharing details yet because it is 🔥) so we brainstormed on something to get her into the studio in the meantime…and stumbled upon one of my favorite sets yet!
Genesy is a local Realtor, and we decided to transform the studio into a home to create an entire portfolio of branded lifestyle images for her 3rd quarter marketing. She brought along another realtor pal, Michaela, and we spent the day having some fun!
These sets would be perfect for any branded photoshoot, and could be customized so many ways. They also add options for family photographers who prefer to work in a clients home but need another option that still LOOKS like home.
In the end, we had 3 different ‘bedroom’ set ups, 2 offices, our lounge as a living room, and even grabbed some shots in the kitchen and used the stairs and front door for some images!

Branding Photography for Realtors

Both Genesy and Michaela came with a list of images they needed for their 3rd quarter marketing.  This made it super easy to spend a few hours and get them everything they needed for the next few months.

Additionally, once I had that list, I made notes on images I wanted to be sure to grab from each room.  Set up for this session took a solid 2 hours (but again, we completely styled several rooms) and I worked with each client for about 2 hours.  This could be accomplished with a half day rental if you’re well organized, have minimal outfit changes (or you’re quick about it, like Genesy!), and are working with just one model/client…..but something this extensive is probably best for a full day rental (especially when you factor in returning the studio to original state).

Their branding guide included some more neutral images that one would expect (smiling, working, etc) but also included ideas for prompts they will use throughout the quarter, including some IKEA based ideas.  We don’t have a local IKEA, but I just so happen to have the newest catalog and an unassembled piece of furniture!  We used those to substitute for the “visit to the store” images, and I think they are super fun.

We created an office set up in the main portion of the studio, and another up in the loft (where I usually work) to utilize the dark gray wall and add some variety.  We styled the spaces with items I have in the studio every day, but I always encourage folks to bring a variety of their own items to add to make things personal.  We have a couple of letter boards at the studio which are both fun and versatile to add some personality or marketing details to the background of any shot.

We also ended up with 3 different bedroom set ups.  I really loved the idea of using the studio flats as a large headboard to help define the space, and you’ll definitely see more of that around the studio in the next few months.  But the set I ended up falling in love with is the minimal one!  It was a transitional set, just thrown together between changing the room around a bit, mostly because I wanted to utilize the blanket ladder.  But I love it, and I’m ready to re-arrange my bedroom at home to look like it now!

That wraps up our June inspo session.  I hope it gave you some ideas for new ways to use the space, and we certainly had fun creating it all.  Leave me a comment and let me know which set is your favorite….then grab your camera (or your favorite photog) and come on in!