For a platform that loves video, Instagram is not an easy place to get a video posted!  If you have a video that is under 60 seconds, Instagram is a great place to get a little more mileage and reach out of that content.  There are just a few things to know, and I’ve broken them down into three easy steps.

Step 1. Get the video on your phone.

This is seriously the hardest part.  Apple, I love you, but some days I hate you.  Why does airdrop not consistently work?  When it works, it’s amazing.  When it does not work…you’ll find me, in my living room, rubbing my iPhone on my computer shouting “WHY CAN’T YOU SEE EACH OTHER?!? YOU’RE RIGHT HERE!!!”  So if airdrop is working, use that.  If not, you can use Hootsuite, Dropbox, or email the video to yourself. I don’t recommend messaging it, there is a noticeable quality loss.

Video files are large, and if you use Gmail the file will be sent as a Google Drive link.  Google also doesn’t make it easy to figure out how to save a video to your phone.  I even Googled for how to do this and couldn’t figure it out for at least a year, until another video creator clued me in.

Click the link from the email, wait for the video to load.  Click those 3 dots in the upper right, then click “Send a copy” then “Save Video.”

Congrats! The hardest part is done.  Now open up Instagram, click the plus to add a new file, and select your video.

Step 2: Properly size your video.

Once you’ve selected your video, you want to be sure to click the arrows in the bottom right to make your video full size.  Otherwise, you risk having text or important shots clipped on the edges.  If you really really want that square video, talk to your video creator BEFORE filming.

Once you click those arrows, you’ll see that the full width of your video fits within the square.  Congrats, you’re ready to click next!

Step 3: Choose a cover.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200, and do not click those filters.  I mean, unless you are the creator of your video, in which case….I want to share with you that there are way better ways of coloring your video, but if you made it, whatever.  You do you.  If someone else made that video for you, don’t add a filter.

DO click that little button in the lower right to choose a cover.  If you skip this step, your video thumbnail will be the first frame of your video.  Most often, this is a black box.  Scroll through your video to select a cover you want.  Viewers will see this thumbnail when they view your Instagram grid or look at Instagram on a computer.

That’s it.  You’re ready to go.  Don’t forget to tag the creator and anyone who contributed to the making if your video.  Instagram is a community, not a gallery!

If you don’t yet have a super amazing awesome video to share on Instagram, get in touch with us to start the conversation about creating some content to share your story with your clients, friends, and family.

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