March is here, and we’re bringing a big MOOD to fit.  This month’s inspiration set is a lush, organic, and moody theme we’re simply calling RAINFOREST.  We started with our dark floral studio panels, added a whole bunch of plants, and started to play with options.

We also had a very special guest come to model for us: Joe the Scottish Rex!  Joe lives with local photographer Amberlee Christey.  In addition to being a visually striking kitty, he has a BIG personality.  I’ve been thinking about getting some images of him chilling among the plants since the first time I saw him, and it finally happened!

scottish rex cat with plants and a floral backdrop


Joe put up with my shenanigans for a minute before exploring the rest of the studio.  He wants you to know that it’s a very interesting place, full of lots of good nooks and hidey holes (as well as lots of great photo spots, which he was less interested in).

While Joe was making sure no rodents were hiding out, I brought out some of my favorite local products to try out a little product photography with this set.  I had just picked up an order of goodies from Hoot and Howl to include with some client gifts I’m sending out with my wedding video brand (MotionWorks) this week, so I did a few quick set ups.

We also took the opportunity to take some quick headshots with this set.

The kid heard that there was a very fancy cat at the studio, and insisted that she needed to visit, and brought cake.

Each month in 2021 we’ll feature a new inspiration set using items we have for use at the studio.  When you rent our space, these items are available for use.  If you like this complete set (or any of our other inspiration sets), we can them it ready for you when you come in for a modest set up fee.

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If you’d like to schedule a session at the 304 Collective using the RAINFOREST set, anything else from our studio, or something you design, contact us today. Joe did a top to bottom safety check on the space and gives us 5 meows.