Woohoo!  February’s photo session is here and it’s ready to PARTY! This set is great for birthdays, celebrations, colorful brands, and any other session that calls for COLOR.


We’re continuing our monthly themed inspiration sets with Party Gras.  Each month we’ll share a fun set to show off how you can use the items available at our studio to create something completely different.  Each inspiration set will have ideas for both professional and casual photos.  You can pull ideas from it for your own unique session, or if you like this exact set, just let us know and we’ll have it set up and ready for your studio rental!


Party Gras is a great set for any brand that uses a ton of color to communicate.  In addition to personal details, choose one of our desks to style accessories and accent with either the asymmetric paper chain wall hanging, our paper lanterns, or BOTH.

When I think of local brands that are bright, colorful, and fun, I think of Jessica Fike Photography.  I called Jessica and asked if she would come to the studio to sit in for these, and she rounded up her kiddos and left tundra of Maryland to pay us a visit!


Jessica’s three kiddos were happy to take a bit of a break from online school and hang out at the studio.  These set is SO kid friendly, and we had lots of fun and laughs.  Jack is getting ready to celebrate his 7th birthday, Natalie wore her most colorful shoes to fit in, and Ally was happy to show off her glasses.

Of course, you can use any of our happy plants for a session, but I tried to pick the most funky ones we have, including the Pilea, the Starfish Sanseveria, and “Little Al”, the giant aloe.  Al got tangled in the paper chain when I was moving some things around and pulled a couple of pieces off as jewelry.  I thought it made him look pretty festive, which is what set my mind on “Party Gras” and so I finished out the session with him.

If you’d like to schedule time in our studio to use this set, let us know!  You can check out our rental rates and details, and we’re happy to schedule a walk through if you’d like to see the space in person before using it for your session!

Our studio is conveniently located in Fairmont, WV, minutes from I79.