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A Pinterest Workflow for Wedding Vendors and Creatives

Pinterest now matches with Instagram for referrals on my wedding brand.  What's more, those referrals are spending more time on my site and converting to clients at a slightly higher percentage than Instagram.  I wanted to share my workflow tips on how to add Pinterest to your marketing plan. These are all entirely organic recommendations - I know very little about placing ads on Pinterest, so you won't find that information here.  This is all about establishing your Pinterest account and getting your content out there. First, we need to rethink how we see Pinterest.  Pinterest is NOT another social media channel, it is a search engine.  A powerfully optimized search engine.  If you're a wedding professional, it's one that our clients already heavily use [...]

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SEAMLESS | April Photography Inspiration Set | Fairmont WV Studio Rental

Sometimes you don't need a lot of stuff.  You need the opposite. In fact, sometimes you want nothing at all.  Just a smooth, perfect background.  So this month, we want to share a collection of images and ideas from our seamless backdrops.  These are perfect for portraits or products. We've seen seamless backdrops get a lot of action around the studio lately.  Rocho and Co photo hosted a headshot swap at our space and utilized a few different backdrops. While our white walls and neutral flooring are great, sometimes you want just an all white backdrop, and seamless paper is the perfect solution for this. We also frequently use a seamless backdrop when working with [...]

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RAINFOREST | Lush, Organic, & Moody | March Photography Inspiration Set

March is here, and we're bringing a big MOOD to fit.  This month's inspiration set is a lush, organic, and moody theme we're simply calling RAINFOREST.  We started with our dark floral studio panels, added a whole bunch of plants, and started to play with options. We also had a very special guest come to model for us: Joe the Scottish Rex!

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How to Prepare and Plan for your Branding Photography Session – Guest Post by Chelsey Rocha

Have you ever scrolled over to one of your favorite businesses Instagram and just paused in awe of how ‘put together’ their feed looked? Chances are they probably have a strong sense of their brand and have properly executed a branding session with a professional photographer. 

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