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10 Ways to Build Your Business During Downtime | Marketing Tips

This post is written during the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020, at a time when many of us are seeing cancelled events, closed shops, lost work, and social distancing (if not outright quarantined).  However, these are things you can work on ANY time you're experiencing a slow season in your business. It can be scary to see your revenue streams grind to a halt.  I'm a big fan of working on the things you CAN control to release some of the anxiety about the things you can't control.  None of these suggestions are an instant fix for slow business, but all of them will work to help you create a strong foundation for the future of your business. 

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Spring Photo Contest | Free Studio Rental

We've been busy adding some backdrops and color to the studio, and now we want to see how you can use them!  During the month of March, we're hosting a contest for local photographers to see what you can do.  The winner will have a free, one-day studio rental.  Host some mini-sessions, teach a workshop, do anything you want with your free studio day!

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